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Divorce Finances: Taking Control

Certain steps you can take now may make the process less stressful and help simplify your life when the divorce is finalized.

Finding Dr. Right: My Top Three Strategies for Getting the Most from Your First Physician’s Visit

Your doctor sees a lot of patients in a given day. You need his (or her) help; you want to stand out and get the care you so desperately need. What do you do?

Yoga Is “Sense”sational for Development

To really know what is happening with our children’s development, we should be asking about how often children move, balance, and reach.

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August 2016

While aware of our power as very young children, many of us lose that sense of empowerment as we mature and need to reclaim it as adults.

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The Garden Cure

The Garden Cure

Natural Sanctuaries Heal Body and Spirit

Winding nature paths, fragrant lavender fields, heirloom-tea tasting… a world of sensory delights awaits us in America’s parks and farms.

Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians

Kids Say No to Global Warming

A young Colorado boy has started a worldwide network of youngsters from Bhutan to Brazil that fight environmental degradation.

Handle Wild Things With Care

Handle Wild Things With Care

How to Help Injured Animals

Many critters that look abandoned or hurt don’t actually need our help—but if we do see a bird, squirrel, turtle or other wild animal in distress, here’s a guide on what to do.

Growing Up Empowered

Growing Up Empowered

Helping Kids Step into Their Best Selves

We build confidence in our children by encouraging their unique strengths, fostering their dreams, allowing healthy risks and engaging them in community service.

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Scrambling Species

Climate Change Favors Some Birds over Others

Toxic Trinkets

Low-Cost Jewelry May Harbor Cadmium


Hope for a New Generation

Good Reads

Fiction Readers Have More Empathy

Show Stopper

Circuses Cease Exotic Animal Acts

Green Serenity

Sikkim Now a Wholly Organic State