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Letter from Publisher

Joe Dunne

Joe Dunne

A little mix of this and that from life.

Earth day—April 22.  Every day should be Earth Day. There is so much more we can do.  I hope that in the next year, I can put forth an effort and contribute, rather than just thinking about it, and standing on the sidelines.

On Sunday, the resident spiritual advisor at the Center of Spiritual Living in Morristown put forth two interesting statements:  “What is the biggest lie you tell to yourself?” and “Rather than giving up TV or snacks for Lent, this year, try giving up blaming and shaming.”

Practice is the key to achievement. I’m sure that’s written down some place…or I just made it up.

Attitude, gratitude, good wishes, good thoughts, good deeds matter. They matter for others, and we know now they matter for self.

Acts of kindness should be expected rather than seen as a noble act.

We learn so much from our children when we let them be who they are. They really are the teachers. I must learn to be more of a student.(Age appropriate, that is.)

Michael Jackson’s me decades to learn that right there staring back at me is the only thing I have control over—my thoughts, deeds, etc. In that mirror the problems and solutions to what needs fixing is right there in the mirror—me.

Up and coming notables:

The Wellness Gala at Mountain Lakes on April 30

One Spirit Festival in Clinton on May 6-7

Touch Mother Earth at Mount Eden Retreat on June 2-4

Our May issues will focus on Natural Pregnancy and Child Birth, and Woman Rising. June will feature Chronic Pain, and Reframing Autism.

Enjoy the warmth of spring, and each other.

In peace, love and laughter,


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