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Spread the Love

Joe Dunne

Joe Dunne

Sitting at my desk, waiting for yet another snow storm to blanket the area, I’m letting my mind wander as it always does when faced with a blank sheet of paper. Suddenly the question drifts up from my deep inner brain: Just who is St. Valentine anyway?

       St. Valentine is an interesting character, mostly because we don’t know much about him. Accounts differ and legends abound, but reliable information is on the short side. We do know he is the patron saint of lovers, epileptics and beekeepers. We also know that a lovers’ festival bearing his name dates back to the 14th century. And anyone who can achieve that type of recognition over seven centuries is okay in my book.

       In our pages this month, we honor the heart through highlighting heart-healthy choices for women, the power of hugs, the heart song of whales, boosting heart health through tasty recipes and, naturally, how to make love last.

       From the 1300s on, Valentine’s legacy has been spreading the love and helping love last. Over 25 years, Natural Awakenings has been helping to spread the love, too—to people, pets and planet. Let’s all join in. Spread love. Spread peace.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!




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