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Kick Start a Healthy Change with Innovative Nutrition

Brenda Woodruff, CNC

Brenda Woodruff, CNC

In a world where so many suffer from heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, just to name a few, it is no wonder that holistic nutrition and alternative healing modalities are among the fastest growing industries in our country today.

      This April, Whispering Willow Holistic Center is pleased to offer its Innovative Nutrition Course which focuses on teaching positive health and lifestyle changes that can keep you looking and feeling better than ever before. In addition to proper nutrition through healthy eating, the course also includes instruction in alternative healing modalities such as herbology, energy healing and essential oils.

      Instructor Brenda Woodruff, certified nutritional counselor, knows from personal experience that using holistic practices work. Her journey to make her body well after being diagnosed with M.S. and Lyme disease has led to a love and respect for what our bodies are capable of when given the proper tools. Her success story drives her passion for holistic nutrition and healing others.

      Whether you are trying to stay healthy, fix what is broken for yourself and loved ones, or are seeking a new career in a holistic industry, understanding nutrition is the first step. Let Innovative Nutrition light the way.

Classes held in Sparta, NJ. For more Information, please call or text Brenda at 973-600-5331 or email us at


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