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Zoom into Mindfulness

Linda Sercarz combines HeartMath coaching/mentoring with t’ai chi chih instruction and reiki. Each of these practices help participants to live more mindfully. Linda is currently offering T’ai chih classes online and offering HeartMath coaching virtually or in person. 

Being emotionally out of balance is a very common experience in today’s fast paced world, especially considering the challenges of the past year. Anxiety, fatigue, anger, sleeplessness and the feeling of being overwhelmed have become all too common. Without effective emotion-management skills, being emotionally imbalanced can take its toll.

HeartMath is a system of scientifically validated heart focused meditation techniques that are easily learned and practiced in just a few minutes. Participants learn how to self-regulate and apply tools to shift to more positive and renewing emotions.

The movements of t’ai chi chih are designed to balance inner energy, and help remove blockages. 

Both systems help us create more balance in our lives as well as clarity and more focused energy. It is also empowering to learn that we have some control over these situations.

Linda additionally offers reiki sessions to promote physical and spiritual healing.

For more information, please call 973-714-8650 or email [email protected]

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