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Food Democracy

Food Democracy

By the People, for the People and Toward a Stronger Nation

Across the country, support is spreading for a food network that sustains local economies while providing better nourishment and GMO transparency.

Mission: Animal Rescue

Mission: Animal Rescue

Big and Small, They Need Our Help

Pit bulls, turtles, bears, elephants—in today’s challenging environment, animals of all shapes and sizes can use a helping hand from us.

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Citizens Petition Congress to Oppose Anti-Supplement Bill

Ballot Power

Community Initiatives Secure Local Eco-Rights

Survival Alert

Join America’s Start Saving Water Now Challenge

Petition Now

Action Alert to Support Florida Food Freedom Act

Women Warriors

Africans Unite to Save Rhinos

Oil Spill Cleanup

How Everyone Can Help During Crude Disasters

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EPA: A Muzzled Watchdog

EPA: A Muzzled Watchdog

E.G. Vallianatos Seeks to Put Bite Back into the Agency

Political corruption has resulted in America’s most critical environmental enforcement unit turning into the “polluter’s protection agency.”

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Garbage Blight

Second Patch of Plastic Soup Spotted in Atlantic

Bee Careful

Honeybee-Killing Pesticides Banned in Europe

Renewable Payoff

Germany Undergoes an Energy Renaissance

Savvy Students

Colleges Demonstrate Environmental Literacy

Saying No

Two Countries Buck the Mining Industry

Trickle-down Ecology

Green Revolution in Arkansas

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Youths Step Up to the Global Challenge

Youths Step Up to the Global Challenge

Fresh Hope for a Troubled Planet

Realizing that they can’t wait for adults to fix our sweeping societal and environmental problems, young people are taking meaningful action to end business as usual.

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Literacy Project

Dolly Parton Donates Millions of Books

Grassroots Gumption

Sweet Potato Project Encourages Enterprise

Senior Sisterhood

New Options for Independent Co-Housing

Rolling Internet

Winnebago Assists Computer Literacy


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