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New Product for Improving Gut Health

Back to Basic Wellness is excited to offer a new product from Purium called Biome Medic that research has shown to be promising in improving gut health. During a six-week pre-clinical trial, under a randomized, product-controlled IRB-approved protocol, Biome Medic was shown to substantially decrease both glyphosate and the inflammatory marker CRP, reducing both to “normal / healthy” levels from “high / unhealthy” levels. The control group received an active control placebo and the experimental group received Biome Medic. Subjects entered the study with a wide array of typical eating habits.

Elevated CRP is a strong predictor of heart disease as well as other inflammatory conditions. Researcher, Dr. Popkin noted, “These are promising results related to the inflammatory process caused by current dietary habits, which is driving the epidemics in chronic disease as noted by the dramatic increase in rates for obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gut health/digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, mental health issues, cognitive decline, and much more.”

Back to Basic Wellness offers Biome Medic through its Superfood Superstore at For more information call Kathy at 866-222-6490 or


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