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Dr. George Wang Wisdom Health & Wellbeing

Healing is personal. This might not seem apparent when hearing Dr. George Wang, founder of Wisdom Health & Wellbeing, describe what it takes to complete medical specialty training and achieve a Ph.D. in Clinical Investigation. The list of schools, achievements and mentors that offered him their expertise and guidance is astounding. However, it is his quiet enthusiasm for the process—the twists, turns and surprises in discovering how the body operates on the cellular level—that sounds less like research and more like a spy novel where each layer leads to an ever-expanding understanding of the whole.

          Following his clinical training, Wang practiced in both the academic and private practice settings for over 13 years, including serving as medical faculty and attending physician at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Columbia University Medical Center. His future was secure. He had prestige, recognition and monetary rewards, yet he knew his path was shifting. 

          During this time, Wang worked with Nobel Laureate Peter C. Doherty, Ph.D., whose research described how the body’s immune cells protect against viruses. Later on, studying other researchers’ work, Wang began to “connect the dots” in how pathways, links and relationships interact in the body—how to uncover the root of problems using a holistic approach, with the immune system as the healer. This exploration moved healing from the clinical to the personal, and then became even more personal when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

          Wang immediately shifted his full attention and energy to helping his mother heal. His life’s work became clear. This was his turning stone, his “why” to what he does today. All the schooling, research and thousands of hours in the laboratories seemed to come together for this single purpose. He trusted that the science behind the holistic approach was solid. He knew the complexity and simplicity of human physiology and self-healing capacity and how to make it work for us rather than against us. His mother joined hands with him, trusting her son to lead the way to her recovery. Through the process, he used every protocol, whole-foods nutrition, mind-body therapy and appropriate supplements to achieve healing. In 2013, she went into remission and today is still cancer-free. Together, they changed each other’s lives.

          Now Wang fulfills his dream of making a difference every day through Wisdom Health & Wellbeing, his integrative and functional medicine practice, where he treats adults of all ages with a special expertise in geriatric medicine. “Each patient is different—different biochemical and body constitutions, different lifestyles,” states Wang. “By looking at each person as an individual, finding and treating the root problem rather than simply applying a Band-Aid, we create healthy people along the way.”

          In other words, healing is personal.


Dr. Wang is board-certified in Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. He is also licensed to practice acupuncture in New Jersey and New York.

Wisdom Health & Wellbeing is located at 51 John F. Kennedy Parkway, 1st Floor West, in Short Hills, New Jersey. For more information, call 973-671-1868 or visit


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