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Dhyana Yoga Arts in Chester

First, the fish needs to say, “Somethin’ ain’t right about this camel ride, and I’m feeling So damn thirsty.”  -Hafiz

Deanna Sidoti, owner of Dhyana Yoga Arts in Chester, uses this poem as a way to remind herself that self-realization is the essence of lasting happiness and bliss. Being a yogi isn’t about flexibility, it’s about understanding you need to make a change—to experience thirst and realize you’re meant to swim, play, and bask in that vast ocean that is your Source.

          Deanna gravitated towards yoga because of its power in cultivating self-realization and nourishing the body, mind and spirit. She began her practice in the midst of experiencing chronic back and sciatic pain associated with scoliosis and other back problems. After exploring many avenues of healing, she found that yoga and meditation had a profound effect on her mind, body, and ability to transform within and without. Yoga is about abiding in one’s true nature, and part of that is embracing one’s gifts and strengths and sharing them wholeheartedly with both loved ones and the world.

          Deanna has been teaching yoga for over a decade, having studied in New York City and India and has been mentoring teachers since 2010. She owns Dhyana Yoga Arts in Chester and is overjoyed to share the sacred practices of yoga with the community.

    She teaches vinyasa flow, alignment and restorative classes with depth, clarity and heart. Due in part to her personal experiences with chronic pain, she specializes in Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis, an area in which very few teachers have a deep knowledge and training in. She works with students of all levels, shapes, ages and injuries with the understanding that all souls are equal. It’s a gift to meet and share this ancient practice together.

          Join Deanna for a class at Dhyana Yoga arts or sign up for the next Yoga Teacher Training, which starts on September 14. Explore and enjoy yoga with their phenomenal, friendly teachers.

Location: Dhyana Yoga Arts, 95 West Main Street, Suite 1, Chester. For more information, call 908-888-2223 or visit



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