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The Deeper Meaning of a Holistic Lifestyle













Many of us have grown to be aware of our health, our body, and our environment. We try to eat better and skip the junk food, we try to limit our use of environmentally damaging materials, we try to seek natural medication when needed. Some of us have become active in taking on issues that stand in the way of our future while others experience transformational travel to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life.

         “Today’s society and the world demand that we pay attention to ourselves, our family and our community to improve life as best as we can,” says New Jersey holistic dentist and naturopath Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky. “This really calls for a holistic, all-embracive lifestyle.”

         Dr. Gashinsky brings these words into practice every single day. As a naturopathic physician and holistic dentist, Dr. Gashinsky educates his patients to pursue a holistic lifestyle in all aspects. Mothers with children, fathers with colleagues, students and office workers, Dr. Gashinsky not only enhances their dental health, he works to improve their overall health with cutting-edge technology and natural treatments.

         “Of course, it’s important for someone’s self-confidence to have a great smile, but it goes deeper than that. My patients have become aware that there is so much more they can do to improve their own and others’ well-being. One for one, they have become advocates in promoting a holistic lifestyle to others,” says Dr. Gashinsky. “In that respect, I have seen them taking on life with more purpose and meaning, which is a wonderful thing to see.”

Vladimir Gashinsky, DDS, “aka” Dr. G, studied at the Institute for Systemic Medicine and Dentistry and is a Fellow of the Institute of Nutritional Dentistry. He is an Accredited Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology. With extensive training in homeopathy and nutrition, Dr. Gashinsky also keeps up with new medical and technical developments in his field to help his patients achieve the best holistic dental care possible. Holistic Dental Center, 91 Millburn Avenue, Millburn. 973-379-9080.


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