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Opinion: Dian's Health Talk : Cancer Quest

Apr 18, 2011 05:51PM ● By Dian Freeman, MA

Dian Freeman, MA

One rarely encounters a person nowadays whose life hasn’t been touched by cancer. But increasingly, the stories I hear are success stories about overcoming cancer through the use of holistic products and procedures.

Suzanne Summers, in her book Breakthrough, describes her strategy in combating cancer, which combined modern medicine with a large dose of natural products and procedures. She attributes her positive results to nutritional supplementation and vibrational healing. In her recent book, Knockout, she enlightens us further through interviews with a few American doctors who have achieved amazing results in the fight against cancer by combining nutritional supplements, diet, lifestyle changes and energy medicine. Even though these doctors have achieved public fame for their good works, they are under attack by the media, government and medical industry. In Europe, such doctors are heralded for their achievements, while in America, many holistic physicians have been arrested or run out of the country by agents of a jealous pharmaceutical/medical establishment that is supported by politicians whose re-election war chests rely on support by Big Pharma.

There are also many not-so-well-known holistic practitioners who have dealt successfully with cancer, but they’ve chosen to remain “under the radar” in an effort to avoid the risk of personal danger that fame would bring. However, some have written how-to books on cancer survival in an effort to share their knowledge. Patrick Quillin’s Beating Cancer With Nutrition is a great place to start learning how to nourish a body burdened by cancer. The number-one rule is to stop eating sugar and the foods that are metabolized as sugar by the body, such as most grains and processed foods. Even agave, honey, sugar cane and syrups are powerful food to a cancer cell. Sugar is the only food of a cancer cell, so it must be avoided completely by anyone seriously wishing to combat cancer.

Since 40 percent of all cancer deaths are due to malnutrition and muscle wasting, it would make sense to eat healthfully and build muscle. Muscles are made of protein, and fat is required for cellular integrity and almost every function of the body. Sadly, many people with cancer are told to avoid fat and protein while others simply cannot absorb them well. There are valuable nutritional supplements and protein choices available to assist in absorbing fats and building muscle mass, both imperative for maintaining a strong body and immune system.

As with any disease, there is no “magic bullet” for cancer. The body requires a balance of all nutrients in correct proportion, especially when fighting disease. Although food choices are paramount, and life- saving whole-food recipes are included in Quillin’s book, one cannot depend on achieving an optimal nutritional balance from food alone. Thus, Quillin provides a comprehensive list of the minimum nutritional supplements required to “turbo-charge” the immune system as well as those known to specifically fight cancer.

While many books have been written about surviving cancer, it’s best not to depend on one protocol. One theory practiced in some German clinics is based on the fact that each cancer depends upon more than one type of cancer cell for its survival. Although there may be billions of cells within each cellular group, each of these groups can be radically different from one another, and different methods and agents kill different cellular groups. For example, if a patient’s tumor is tested as having eight different cancer cellular groups, it may take eight different agents to cure that cancer. If one cellular group responds to chemo, two others to an herb, another to heat treatments, two others to energy medicine and the last two are found to be destroyed by nutraceuticals, then these are the treatments the patient will receive for the unique mix of cancer cells in the tumor.

No matter what choice or choices one makes to achieve victory over cancer, the effectiveness of a positive attitude in ensuring the win cannot be overstated. We need to remember that people “beat” cancer all the time. Don’t underestimate the power of faith. All holistic approaches to treating cancer agree that winning takes, as Quillin puts it, “hope, optimism and a fighting spirit.” He advises people with cancer to “be enthusiastic,” and adds, “The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek meaning ‘God within.’ ” It’s “within” that we find the path to victory.

Dian Freeman has a private practice in Morristown, teaches a nutritional certification course, is certified in and practices Ondamed biofeedback, and lectures widely. She is currently enrolled at Drew University to obtain a doctorate in Medical Humanities. Dian may be reached at [email protected] or by visiting

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