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Sound Therapy Supports Women’s Wellness

Apr 24, 2011 07:55PM ● By Dorinne Davis

Women, as most of us know, often fail to take time to take care of themselves. We tend to take care of others first—our children, spouses, parents, and other relatives. While this trend will probably always continue, the numbers of women taking time to find and use alternative approaches to maintain their own health and wellness are increasing. The concept of using sound, specifically sound-based therapy, is gaining more acceptance because it is noninvasive and supports self-healing change from within.

The Davis Model of Sound Intervention™ includes three points that are essential for helping women maintain and enhance their overall wellness balance:

  1. A subtle energy system exists between the voice, the ear, and the brain, which must be balanced for us to feel alive and well.
  2. Every cell in the body resonates and must be kept “in tune.”
  3. The ear through sound vibrational energy becomes our global sensory stimulator, keeping us from becoming overwhelmed with the surrounding environment.

In a recent poll of women of various ages, it was found that the younger generation is searching to establish their own life/independence (including a career path, social networks, and life’s purpose); the middle generation is searching for ways to maintain current and future abilities (including diet, lifestyle, brain activity, physical endurance, and anti-aging); and the senior generation is searching to maintain or improve their current abilities (including longevity, anti-aging, vital health, brain activity, and physical endurance).

So how can sound-based therapy, within the Davis Model, help women? There are commonalities and specifics to each generation. First, the commonalities:

Sense of Self: No matter what the age, we want to feel good about who we are, what we do, and how we can help others. By developing the balance between the voice, the ear, and the brain, we connect to our inner self and feel more alive, empowered, and have more clarity in how to move forward. Most women will feel happier, become more organized, be better able to express thoughts and needs, think more clearly, and feel better physically through sound-based therapy because the ear is our balance/motor center.

General Wellness: By keeping the cellular energy of the body in tune, which is measured with vocal and ear sound analysis, the body’s resonance can be “tuned up.” By introducing complementary sound frequencies to the body, the sound algorithms of the body become balanced or tuned.

Secondly, by generation:

Younger Women—The balancing of the connections between the voice, the ear, and the brain helps younger women become clearer about their interests, which may lead them to a clearer career path. Additionally, a heightened sense of self helps women adjust to life on their own in a less socially supportive environment than school provided, learn how to make new friends and develop personal communication skills, and become better able to take charge of their own health and wellness concerns, ranging from weight issues to sexual health.

Middle-Aged Women—Balancing the voice, ear, and brain as well as cellular resonance is important for women in this generation because they are often just “coming into their own”—with children grown and having left the nest, women may have, for the first time, more time for themselves. Feeling alive, uncluttered, happy, maintaining health, watching weight gain, and keeping fit become a way of life—or goals to work toward. Keeping the brain stimulated, the body in balance, and the cellular energy in tune keeps each woman feeling “together.”

Senior Women—Keeping the brain and the body stimulated provides a wonderful quality of life to anyone over age 65. Enhancing the voice, ear, and brain connection keeps both the brain and the body toned. Additionally, keeping the cellular energy “in tune” provides as much balance as possible from a core body need that wants to self-heal.
Sound-based therapy uses the body’s own energy to change our selves from within. The process should not be random, however, but should follow the outcome of a test battery designed to balance the connection between the voice, the ear, and the brain as well as the sound cellular energy of the body. Every woman deserves to feel balanced, alive, happy, and well. When sound-based therapy is correctly administered, all these things are possible.

© Davis 2011. Dorinne S. Davis, MA, is owner of the Davis Center and the developer of the Davis Model of Sound Intervention™. Visit 

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