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Randolph Indoor Sports Pavilion Goes Solar

Solar system at the Indoor Sports Pavilion(ISP)in Randolph.

With the help of Vanguard Energy Partners and Capital One Bank, the Indoor Sports Pavilion (ISP) in Randolph has installed a 360-kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system that will help power the athletic facility with clean renewable energy. The grid-tied array will help transform the arena into a high-performance “net-zero electric” building that hosts tens of thousands of athletes and spectators from the community every year. This solar array will reduce CO2 emissions by 591,010 pounds per year, equivalent to saving 30,155 gallons of gasoline or recycling 90 tons of waste.

Over 1,500 roof-mounted panels will generate approximately 94 percent of the electricity needed to power the 78,000-square foot athletic center, which houses multiple sports fields. ISP is expected to achieve net-zero electric status with additional energy efficiency initiatives such as lighting retrofits and natural gas heating. “Going solar has always been a long-term goal for us, and we’re excited to be generating our own electricity,” said Jeff Walder, ISP’s owner. “On certain days, we will actually be pumping excess electricity back into the grid to help provide power for our neighbors.” The Indoor Sports Pavilion will have the ability to evaluate its power consumption, solar production and system efficiency using a real-time, web-based monitoring system provided by Noveda Technologies. The high-definition monitor will
be on public display at the facility’s main entrance.

The Indoor Sports Pavilion is located at 6 West Hanover Avenue, in Randolph. For more information, call 973-895-4007 or visit