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The Tuning Effect: A New Technique to Achieve Balance

May 21, 2011 06:33PM

For people trying to lose weight, quit smoking, achieve happiness, or raise self-esteem, there’s a new technique to effectively manage and overcome these life challenges. The Tuning Effect uses the power of one’s mind to effect balance and lasting positive change.


Barry Wolfson, director of the Hypnosis Counseling Center, with offices in Bloomfield, Flemington, and Frenchtown, recently announced that the center is the first in the region to begin instructing clients in the Tuning Effect technique. The Tuning Effect brings attention, eye movement, and breathing together to produce a strongly felt sense of mental confidence and security. Like learning how to ride a bicycle, skip rope, or type, this practice coordinates attention, vision, and action without the need of complex mental processing.


The Tuning Effect was developed by Mel Bucholtz, director of the Stillness Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bucholtz, an internationally recognized trainer of healthcare practitioners, was personally trained by Milton Erickson, the foremost practitioner of clinical hypnosis in the 20th Century.


“Under normal conditions, our bodies function like well-running machines,” explains Wolfson. “However, we lose control because of all the elements we encounter in our lives. Life’s obstacles and challenges push our minds and bodies out of tune.” The Tuning Effect is designed to bring people back to their emotional center, allowing them to return to their natural balanced state in which challenges and obstacles can be met and overcome. The chief goal of the Tuning Effect is to bring clients back to the state in which they function best.


Wolfson adds, “Over time, due to extreme circumstances and stress, we get ourselves out of alignment. People respond in a variety of ways when they are out of balance and may turn to smoking, drinking, or overeating to cope. All of these are harmful and counter-productive to a healthy lifestyle. Tuning Effect reestablishes one’s natural balanced state that is more centered, in control, and in a heightened state of awareness.”


The greatest benefit of Tuning Effect is that it is easily mastered and doesn’t require ongoing sessions. Most clients learn the technique in just two individual half-hour sessions, eliminating the need for ongoing therapy. It is also presented in group settings, as well.


 “We are always exploring new ways to help our clients achieve their goals,” says Wolfson. “What was particularly appealing about Tuning Effect is that it is relatively easy to learn, and once mastered in two sessions, our clients can evoke this state themselves. We have introduced the method to several current clients, and the initial results have been extremely positive. They love the fact that, once trained, they have the freedom to practice this technique on their own.”


The Hypnosis Counseling Center has more than 25 years of experience in helping clients to attain their goals and successfully change their lives for the better. The center provides group counseling sessions for smoking cessation,  weight loss and stress management, among other things, at more than 30 adult schools, while specially designed programs are currently offered in corporate settings.


For more information about the Hypnosis Counseling Center, contact Barry Wolfson at 908-996-3311 or visit

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