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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Holistic Healing Arts Find a Home at the Room Above

A cooperative formed to help people achieve balance, rejuvenation, and transformation through various healing arts as well as the exploration of one’s creativity has opened its doors—and heart—in Brookside. The Room Above LLC, 2 East Main Street (next door to the post office and above the Art Studio), offers a combined century of certified integrative health and creative experience, available by appointment, for adults and children, for sessions, workshops, and classes. Summer programs are forming now.

Founded by Maureen Mahoney and Michelle Zanoni and joined by Gina Bruno, Kathy Kane, Ellen Mooney, and Susan Novick, the Room Above represents a dream culmination of years of study, multiple certifications, travel, and hands-on client experience. As people increasingly crave equilibrium, rejuvenation, and peace, the Room Above offers multiple thresholds for individuals to access these qualities and thrive.

On Monday, June 20, the Room Above will hold a free event—Celebrate the Summer Solstice—to introduce its services over food and music in its intentionally designed and light-filled space. Those who are interested should email [email protected] to receive an invitation; attendees will also receive a gift card for a free session of their choice in one of the following areas: drumming, feng shui, massage, Tibetan Singing Bowls, writing workshop, Healing Touch™, Reiki, intuitive healing, life coaching, yoga, qi gong, and more.

According to Ellen Mooney, "The common denominator among Maureen, Michelle, Gina, Kathy, Susan, and me is joy and trust in source that flows through all life and our ability to conduct that flow through clients to allow them access to their authentic selves: their souls. Whether a client comes for shamanic energy healing with Gina, life coaching and writing with Kathy, the art of design and feng shui with Michelle, Raindrop Technique and Swedish massage with Susan, Healing Touch™ and Tibetan Singing Bowl experience with Maureen, or my own intuitive healing, the client-soul will be invited to connect with her heart deeply, authentically.

For more information, contact Maureen Mahoney, 973-543-6329, [email protected]; Michelle Zanoni, 973-400-4669, [email protected]; or Ellen Mooney, 973-618- 6195, [email protected] To attend the Summer Solstice event or be added to the mailing list, email [email protected]