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Morristown Chiropractor Lectures on the Health Hazards of Sitting

Jun 30, 2011 02:42PM

Dr. Chris Stepien, a Morristown chiropractor and founder of Barefoot Rehab, talks about the physiological impact of a sedentary lifestyle in a lecture accompanied by a demo at Guerrilla Fitness CrossFit Morristown, 42 Bank Street, on Saturday, July 16, at 11:30 a.m. Stepien is certified in Active Release Technique, a certified sports and conditioning specialist (CSCS), and is Crossfit Level 1 certified. He also has a passion for proper nutrition, personal growth, and psychology, which he addresses regularly on his site, Barefoot Rehab is housed within Guerrilla Fitness CrossFit Morristown.

As a recent article in the New York Times attests, spending your day sitting can actually kill you. According to Dr. James Levine, of the Mayo Clinic, “Excessive sitting is a lethal activity.” With many Americans spending more and more time in front of computer screens for both work and play, this lack of movement throughout the day has become a concern for the young and old.

“Sitting drastically decreases the quality and quantity of your life,” says Dr. Stepien. Research continues to build on the subject. “We just aren’t really structured to be sitting for such long periods of time, and when we do that, our body goes into shutdown,” says Dr. Tony Yancey, co-director of the Kaiser Permanente Center at UCLA. Epidemiologist Steven Blair, professor of public health at the University of South Carolina, has found that people who sit more have less desirable levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides and even waist size. His studies have indicated that this increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and a number of other health problems.

In his lecture, Stepien will explain sedentary living’s evolutionary and physiological impact and offer ways that people can combat its effects by reframing chores and changing habits, leading to better function and less pain into old age and a better overall quality of life. Stepien will also demonstrate stretches and strengthening exercises to help lessen the impact of the time spent seated every day.
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