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healingaia Gives Back for Autism

Mendham’s healingaia Holistic Wellness launches its “Giving Back” program this month by offering four children with autism free monthly Remote Etheric Healing sessions for six months.

The center believes that children with autism spectrum disorders greatly benefit from the removal of specific etheric structures and deep subconscious blockages, allowing them to assimilate, integrate and utilize energy in a healthy, balanced way. Etheric Healing is an all-natural, hands-off energy modality that may bring a new level of balance to these children; it complements existing health and behavioral therapy.

Each child in the Giving Back program will start with a private Remote Healing session, which will remove initial layers of energetic blockages and provide personal guidance to enhance healing. After this first session, Remote Group Healings will be performed monthly for five consecutive months to support these children in their ongoing healing and transformation.
For more information, please visit healingaia’s Giving Back page at

In addition, healingaia is giving back by offering ten new clients a 50 percent discount on their first Integrative Massage or Raindrop Technique session. Book an appointment now to become part of this group.

For more information on these exclusive offers, call 732-927-1116 or email Melissa and Julien at [email protected] Visit for a complete description of products and services.

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