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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

October 2011

Our October feature article, “Water Water Everywhere,” discusses environmentalists’ fears about a possible scarcity of fresh water in the future. Ironically, many NJ residents are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Irene and the subsequent flooding. I wasn’t affected personally, but several magazine distribution points and advertisers in nearby Denville were.

When I first saw a video of the water raging down Main Street Denville, it was hard to comprehend. I could see familiar businesses, but their entrances were covered with several feet of rapidly moving water. The damage done to stores, restaurants, and merchandise was severe. Many small businesses were forced to close their doors for weeks and invest heavily in repairs and new inventory. Today, most businesses have reopened, but their finances are still in disrepair.

Whether you shop near Denville, or another NJ town damaged by Irene, please support your local merchants. In addition to shopping locally, you can also support fundraising efforts organized by local Chambers and community groups.

On a lighter note, we’re introducing a new feature in the print edition this month, a cartoon entitled Holy Molé, written and drawn by Rick Hotton. After reading just a few strips, I was charmed and drawn to the characters: Holy Mole, the archetypal seeker; Kool Kat, the down-to-earth pragmatist; and Turtle, the Zen master of the pond. Rick’s work is both witty and inspirational, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

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