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Kula for Karma Fundraiser Nets More Than $125,000 for Society’s Most Vulnerable

Geri Topfer, cofounder and president of Kula for Karma; Joan Bronman, Dr. Goy’s patient and presenter of the Kula Angel Award; Dr. Andre Goy, chairman of oncology and director of the John Theurer Cancer Center; and Penni Feiner, cofounder and executive director of Kula for Karma.

On November 4, Kula for Karma, which offers therapeutic yoga in healthcare settings, raised more than $125,000 at its Fourth Annual Gala Dinner event at the Preakness Hills Country Club in Wayne. The monies raised will go toward therapeutic yoga, meditation and stress reduction programs for society’s most vulnerable populations including those who have been challenged by illness, disabilities, violence and other traumas.

Founded in 2007, Kula for Karma works with hospitals, social service agencies and schools to create custom-tailored programs at no cost for their most needy client populations. Kula for Karma’s three divisions—TeenKula, Kula Care and Caring for the Caregivers—are established in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with the majority located in northern New Jersey.

As part of Kula Care, patients at the John Theurer Cancer Center, based at the Hackensack University Medical Center, are being prescribed yoga by oncologists to complement radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Kula Care offers accessible, user-friendly tools for stress management to support those who have been challenged by cancer. The goal is to empower patients to manage pain that may cause anxiety and depression. As Kula for Karma’s cofounder and president Geri Topfer says, “We are thrilled and very excited to be partnering with Dr. Andre Goy and his team in providing services at the center, and we were honored to have one of his patients, Joan Bronman, a breast cancer survivor, present Dr. Goy with a Kula Angel Award. We believe in integrating whole-person approaches to recovery and healing that honor the mind, body and spirit of each individual.”

For more information, visit KulaForKarma.org

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