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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

January 2012

Welcome 2012. If the tales we’ve heard about the fabled year have any truth, we’re in for a very interesting time! Whether or not you subscribe to the
theory that the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012 signals a new world cycle, any ending/beginning invites retrospection and resolution making.

First, retrospection: 2011 has been wonderful for Natural Awakenings. We’ve developed a new website, iPhone/iPad app, web store, and coupons. All enhance
the reader experience and provide important new tools to our advertisers. I’m proud of the articles we’ve brought to our ever-growing number of readers. Maybe some of the articles have touched a heart or inspired a reader to live a healthier life. My own life has been enriched by meeting so many interesting people over the year, and I welcome them warmly to the NA North Central NJ family.

Next, resolutions. Since I’ve been making and failing at the same resolutions for years, I’m taking a different tack this year. Instead of BIG resolutions, I’m going
to try implementing small changes. The Japanese business theory of Kaizen is all about making continuous incremental improvements. Apparently, small improvements can bring large results, especially when they are aligned with an overall goal that the whole enterprise buys into.

So for Natural Awakenings, I will be looking for small improvements to our content and processes that will make us a stronger magazine over the long term.
For myself, I will be content with small improvement in my exercise regime, attitude and nutrition. If the incremental improvements become habits and build
on each other, BIG changes will happen naturally.

One of my favorite articles this month is from Wayne Dyer. His five new year’s resolutions are short but powerful. Another must-read is “Alternative Goes
Mainstream,” a confirmation that the message Natural Awakenings carries is being accepted across the country. There’s also an interesting exploration of the 2012
mythology, including that of a shift in consciousness.

Enjoy reading this month’s issue. As you think about what you want to accomplish in 2012, don’t forget to celebrate your personal successes of 2011!

Happy New Year,

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