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Healing Energy

Jan 26, 2012 08:08AM ● By Susan Bloom

In a fast-paced society increasingly obsessed with headlines, material possessions, and technology, it can be difficult for people to connect to their real identity and understand their true calling.  Helping people make this all-important connection, however, is Lisa Bellini’s mission, one heart at a time.

Founder of the Crystal Healing Center in Denville, the 48-year-old Hackettstown resident was awakened to her own lifelong calling as a spiritual counselor following a debilitating spinal injury that immobilized her for several years.  “I had always understood things intuitively, predicted things before they occurred, and had out-of-body experiences,” she said, “but my accident forced me to go inside and accept that these gifts were given to me for a higher purpose —to help people raise their vibrations and release the emotional baggage holding them back.”

Identified by many leaders in the spiritual arena as an Indigo soul—one of a special group of individuals guided by extreme sensitivity, inner knowing, and empathy—Bellini uses a number of healing techniques to help clients identify blockages and clear out the emotional debris impairing their achievement of greater happiness or life potential.  Among these tools are palm readings, Reiki, the use of specially-blended awakening oils created by Bellini, and the involvement of the Crystal Pyramid Technique (CPT), which helps amplify life-force energy and facilitates healing through the principles of resonance and entrainment.  “Through their ability to refract light and channel energy, crystals have long been known to help realign the chakras and support the healing process,” Bellini says.  “By surrounding people with a full grid of crystals specially selected for their unique needs and aspirations, we cleanse, energize, and imbue different parts of their body with vibrations to bring them to a higher level of consciousness, happiness, and purpose.”

Most of all, Bellini believes,  “People need to have faith in themselves and not hold onto silly or insignificant things, which can negatively affect them mentally and physically.  I love and am energized by the ability to help people release their negative emotions, see their life path, understand how they connect to the larger universe, and achieve greater happiness.” For Bellini,  “It’s about helping people move into their power and find who they truly are and what their purpose is—this is how we can elevate our whole society.”

For more information on the Crystal Healing Center, Bellini’s schedule of classes, lecture tours, and support groups, or to book her for home readings/healings for individuals or groups, call 908-963-2628 or visit

Freelancer Susan Bloom writes weekly Health and Food features for New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press and specializes in topics related to nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyles.

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