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Astrology Study Group Open to New Members

A unique astrology study group in Livingston is accepting new members to its weekly classes. The group is led by Eytan Tsioni, a consulting Western Astrologer, Level 4 certified by the NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). Students learn theories of basic and advanced astrological techniques and practice with their own astrological charts as well as charting guests. Guests can be family, friends, relatives or anyone who is willing to share and give feedback.

During the class, students interpret a guest's chart, which lists the details of the guest’s personality, life potentials, past events, future challenges, and windows of opportunities as seen in the chart. The guests, for a nominal fee, receive beneficial information that would cost much more were they to get a private reading, while the students gain immediate feedback and validation from the guests. An exchange of ideas and learning from other students in the class provides enrichment and knowledge for all participants.

 Those who have some knowledge of astrology are encouraged to join the study group. Those who have no knowledge of astrology but are interested in learning the craft while participating in the classes are encouraged to take introductory private classes with Tsioni.

For more information, call Eytan Tsioni at 973-985-8845 or email  [email protected].

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