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BoldHer Conference Coming to Morristown

The BoldHer Conference will be held on June 9 in Morristown, NJ. This annual one-day conference brings together a diverse community of women of all ages to embrace BoldHer principles. 

Believe in Yourself
Own Your Actions and Reactions
Love Yourself Unconditionally
Don’t Give Up
Help Others Along the Way
Embrace Your Journey
Remember to Laugh!

You need to be bold to be successful AND well. The key to being bold is to be confident.  Believe it or not, without self-confidence you reduce your ability to have a successful life (as YOU define it).  You sacrifice achievement within yourself, your career, your relationships, your health, and your wealth. To top it all off, having low self-confidence robs you of your joy, joy that you deserve! 

In fact, self-confidence is MORE important than the skills and knowledge that you have.  Why? It sets you apart. When you believe in yourself and are confident in your abilities, you become a natural leader.  People feel drawn to you and reassured by you.  They trust you and your judgment.  Basically, they follow your lead. (Wouldn’t it be nice if you got your way more often?!)

Self-confidence enables you to BE BOLD, take healthy risks, stretch, grow, and achieve new levels of success.  Without enough self-confidence, you run the risk of living a mediocre life -- too afraid to move out of your comfort zone and go for what you really want.

Boosting self-confidence requires effort.  If you’d like to really explode your self-confidence and your bold factor, then I want you to come to BoldHer: Infuse Your Self-Confidence with Laughter and Love.  This is an amazing one-day conference that’ll teach you to embody the BoldHer principles:

You can learn more at

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