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Nutritional Balancing at healingaia in Mendham

May 29, 2012 05:44PM

Mendham’s healingaia Holistic Wellness is honored to be the first wellness center in New Jersey to offer Nutritional Balancing Science. Staying true to their vision of Whole System Healing, Melissa Navarro and Julien Griffault have added this advanced nutritional healing program to their existing services to empower their clients with a safe, natural, physical healing alternative that supports a conscious, holistic lifestyle. Rather than viewing the body as a collection of unrelated parts, Navarro and Griffault believe that to create and maintain health, one’s entire life should be viewed as a Whole System. This means that diet, lifestyle, environment, relationships, and emotional-mental-spiritual state all play an integral role in maintaining health.

Nutritional Balancing Science focuses on balancing an individual’s body chemistry and healing underlying stress patterns, rather than just chasing symptoms. Nutritional Balancing draws from many branches of science including biochemistry, physiology, nutrition, stress theory, pathology, psychology and ancient systems such as yin-yang healing. Using a properly performed hair mineral analysis, a personalized healing program is created that includes a diet and supplementary nutrients specific to one’s metabolic type, natural detoxification protocols and healthy lifestyle recommendations. Each program is targeted to raise one’s energy levels and provide the body with what it needs to heal naturally. As Navarro notes, “Health is not the absence of diagnosable disease, but rather a state of high resistance to all disease. When one is truly healthy, the body has the ability to protect and/or heal itself even in the presence of toxicity, infectious organisms and stresses of all kinds.”

To learn more, visit, call 732-927-1116 or email [email protected]

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