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Improve Your Golfing With Rolfing®!

Jun 28, 2012 08:58AM ● By Edward Hemberger, CMT

Golfers have been known to invest a lot of money in equipment, trainers, shoes, supplements and more, in order to perform better, stay healthier and feel and look good on and off the links.  Ultimately though, the best equipment you have is your body.  And when your body has balance, flexibility and increased total range of motion, you bring more strength and power to your game.

Structural Integration (SI), also known as Rolfing, positions you for a fuller, smoother swing.  SI is a system of bodywork that goes beyond deep tissue massage, to the actual connective tissue between muscle and bone.  Working at this level promotes long-lasting improvement in balance and flexibility, total range of motion, and greater muscle extension in the arms, chest, back and legs.

Structural Integration also helps speed recovery from aches or injuries, reducing pain, stiffness and muscle tension, and improving movement and circulation around joints. Therapy can attend to an injury as well as any secondary pain, such as that in the hip or neck, which may develop from favoring an injury.

Structural Integration repositions you for long-lasting improvement. An SI practitioner can identify habits that create a tense lower back, hunched shoulders or turned-in ankles, and help you replace old habits with correct posture and movements. He or she can also help you learn from and work with the knowledge of how your body actually works, instead of guessing at which techniques might work for you.

Whatever the level of play, make the most of what you bring by adding Structural Integration to your game!

For more information on Structural Integration, call Ed Hemberger at 973-462-3112 or visit

Edward Hemberger, CMT, is a Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Structural Integration (Rolfing) practitioner with offices in Boonton and Livingston, NJ, and Manhattan.  He assists and is in advanced training with Thomas Findley, MD, PhD, a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and world-renowned Rolfing® practitioner.  In 2007, Hemberger presented an abstract to the Fascia Research Congress at Harvard Medical School on the effects of Rolfing on improving standing balance.

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