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Acupuncturist Joins New Vernon Natural Medicine Practice

The office of Dr. Jason Frigerio, 4 Village Road in New Vernon, is proud to announce the addition of a newpractitioner to its medical team. Caroline Strassberg, licensed acupuncturist, joined the practice last month and sees clients two days a week. Her training in classical acupuncture will complement the current natural medicine servicesoffered by Dr. Frigerio.Strassberg practices Classical Acupuncture, which traces its beginnings to the Han dynasty ofChina, approximately 200 BC. This practice involves morethorough diagnostic techniques and more complextreatment strategies than Traditional ChineseMedicine (TCM), which is the curriculum taught at most Chinese Medicine colleges. As a result, agreater number of acute and chronic conditions are successfully treated. Strassberg treats many differentconditions, including multiple sclerosis, sciatica, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, headaches, surgery and injury rehab,dermatological conditions and other chronic diseases.

 Strassberg graduated with high honors from the Classical Chinese Medicineprogram at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Since graduating she hascontinued to study with her teacher, Dr. Edward Neal, andassists him in teaching classes inClassical Acupuncture around the country and in Europe.She isthe assistant director and Northeast Regional Chair for the International Society for the Studyof Classical Acupuncture and organizes continuing education classes foracupuncturists in the greater New York City area.

 With a background in child and family therapy, addictions counseling and teaching yoga, Caroline Strassberg cameto acupuncture because she wanted to help people feel well physically and mentally. Having worked in the public school system for nearlyten years, she enjoys treatingadolescents and teenagers and finds that they respond quickly and well to her treatments. As a patient and later a practitioner, she saw that Chinese medicine was capable ofoffering relief and promoting health while curing both mild and severe disease without any side effects.Witnessing the miraculous healing capacity of the body as it responds to acupuncturecontinues to inspire Strassberg in her practice.

 To schedule an appointment with Caroline Strassberg, LAc, call 973-267-2650 or visit

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