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Reemerging from the Ashes: The Sacred Light Center’s Grand Reopening

The Sacred Light Center, a holistic, wellness and wisdom center, will celebrate its grand reopening on September 7, 6pm to 9pm, at its new location at 313 Main Street, Boonton. The night’s festivities will include music, friendship, manifestation and community. The story behind how owner Settie Nave came to find her new space, however, is one that she finds spiritually empowering.

On December 13, 2011, a fire in Rockaway’s historical district spread rapidly to the structure that had been home to the Sacred Light Center. It forced owner Settie Nave to find temporary venues to conduct business while the structure that had housed her center was rebuilt. But in April of this year, after five months had passed and no rebuilding had begun, Nave decided to seek a new location, and found one a month later, also in Rockaway.

After spending considerable sums to convert her new space, she was ready to open the new Sacred Light Center—until she was visited by the town’s zoning officer, who informed her that she would be unable to conduct business there because of very specific zoning requirements. She further learned that the space had been vacant for more than a year because of zoning difficulties.

While the news was a setback, Nave, who specializes in Advanced Esoteric Training, helping to lead people on the spiritual paths they were meant to walk, put the tools to work that she has been teaching her clients since 1999. On June 25, three days after receiving the disappointing news from the zoning officer, she received a call from a complete stranger who asked her if he could take over her lease or sublet.  The growth of his business, which had been based out of his home, made it legally necessary for him to move to a commercial location.  The best news was that he would satisfy the strict zoning requirements.

A seemingly random call from a stranger resulted in Sacred Light Center being let out of its lease—and because the landlord had been unable to rent his property for such a long time, he reimbursed Nave for the money she’d already spent. As Nave considers the likelihood of that call coming when it did, she believes real magick was at work, enabling her to find a new location for her center under the best possible circumstances.

To learn more, contact Settie Nave at 973-784-4211 or visit

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