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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

The Path to Creativity and Wellness in Brookside

In letting go through creativity or mind-body work, we create a state where transformation can occur.  When we immerse ourselves in these activities, we are present only in that moment.  Our focus narrows; we relax. Day-to-day stressors recede. This type of mindfulness can foster stress reduction, weight control, resilience and possibility thinking, to name only a few things.   The body is allowed to do what it knows how to do—heal itself.  Well-being and health can occur on many levels.

In the same way, when we are in this state of well-being we are able to open further to the possibilities of creation, of bringing something else into being.  We are able to transform ourselves as well as bring forth art, music, dance, writing and storytelling.  It is a lovely cycle. Addressing the whole of who we are means giving attention to body, mind and spirit.  When all three are in balance, well-being will surface, healing is allowed, creative expression can emerge.

The mainstream medical community has begun to realize the critical impact the arts can have on healing and health for patients, families and medical staff.  Exposure to music and art helps patients relax— and this relaxation promotes healing.  Pain, physical and emotional, transmuted into art takes both the artist and the observer to a higher state.  What has been intuitive for artists and practitioners is now becoming protocol as research continues to support this premise. 

Two spaces in one building in Brookside have created an environment to support both wellness and creativity: At the Art Studio, where, “Creativity is a path to Wellness,” and the Room Above, where “Wellness allows Creativity.”  Which comes first?  That’s not important.  We can jump in at any point. Together they have brought forth sacred space that nourishes the whole of who we are. When we start to think of creativity and wellness as interconnected, a beautiful flow appears.  We tend to our well-being, and creative expression shows up in all aspects of our life; we immerse ourselves in the creative process and well-being emerges. 

At the Art Studio, creativity is explored through ongoing classes including watercolor, pastel and mixed media, to name a few, as well as open studio time and special programs such as children and adult “art camp” and creativity programs such as “Spark.

At the Room Above, programs in yoga, drumming, dance, feng shui, herbalism and creative writing, as well as holistic treatments using Healing Touch™ massage, shamanic healing, Reiki and vibrational sound, offer members of the community a place where body, mind and spirit can be tended in a variety of ways.  Together, the Room Above and the Art Studio provide the how and the where to dive in, engage your creativity and jump start your well-being.

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