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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

September 2012

Aug 29, 2012 01:03PM ● By Ana Rincon

I took my own advice last month to go outside and enjoy the last days of August.  You’ll see me below, along with several other Natural Awakenings publishers, about to set off down the Delaware for an afternoon of tubing.   As you might guess from this month’s quote, it was not a speedy, thrill-filled ride down the rapids. Due to a mild headwind, we made about four miles in four hours, and if not for constant paddling, we might have ended upstream of where we started.  And so, our message from the river: Relax, and find the current. It’s all about the journey, anyway.

It was a wonderful day, with exercise, fresh air and good conversation. All the publishers were excited about this month’s issue, featuring yoga and creativity. “Injury-Free Yoga” is a reminder to both newbies and more experienced yogis to take things slowly. The practice is not about competition, but about proper alignment and breathing. Or in other words, “Relax, it’s all about the journey.”

Our features on creativity include “Creating a Life Beyond Need and Worry,” an interview with Julia Cameron, and “Exploring our Creative Side,” a discussion of how community arts can bring unexpected rewards. Our local area is full of opportunities for getting involved in theater, poetry, writing and art classes (see the Art Studio/The Room Above’s ad on page xx), music and more. If you feel drawn to the creative side, don’t waste any more time. Take a look at our calendar of events, or search online for something to get involved in.

This month, we’realso announcing a way for you to become more involved in the magazine.  This edition of Natural Awakenings is holding its first annual Natural Choice Awards to recognize our readers’ favorite local natural health, wellness and green companies. You’ll find a ballot on page xx that you can mail in, or use our easy online form at  Winners in each category will be listed online and in print, and the overall winner will receive a Community Spotlight article so we can all learn more about them.

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