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Aquarian Sun Returns to Lincoln Park

Sep 29, 2012 12:40PM

The Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center has returned to its roots in Lincoln Park, at 212 A Main Street, to preserve the peaceful, quiet and serene environment that its clients, students and friends have enjoyed through the years. The center offers individuals and groups of all ages a powerful and unique combination of ancient and modern healing techniques that help them overcome physical and emotional pain and practice their evolved awareness of life and living. In addition to offering programs for smoking cessation, weight loss and focused studying and exam success, the new center will also offer clients ways to have enjoyable dental visits, pleasant child birthing, less-stressful chemotherapy, and reduced pre-surgery worries and faster post-surgery recovery.

“More and more Americans are beginning to understand the benefits of holistic alternative and complementary therapies to heal their bodies, activate their mind and empower their life without relying solely on drugs, choking behaviors, and limiting teachings,” says Aquarian’s president Dr. Suhail Jarroush.

For more information about additional services provided by the Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center, visit To arrange a consultation with Dr. Jarroush, please contact Suzanne Bini at 973-686-9100.

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