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Crowd Kitchen: A Food-sharing Website that Builds Community

We all want to feed our families healthy, homemade food, but finding the time to do that consistently can be difficult. It’s just become easier with the public launch of Crowd, a free food-sharing website. The site, which was founded in New Jersey and made its debut this spring, has now expanded its reach to 36 states, connecting local friends and neighbors.

This is how it works: Crowd Kitchen allows users to post foods they’ve made, which other users can claim. For example, you make lasagna on a Monday. Instead of cooking just enough for your family, you double the recipe and post it to Crowd Kitchen, where a local friend can claim your extra dish. On Wednesday, you check the site and see your neighbor is making an extra chicken pot pie, so you claim that. Two nights of home-cooked dinner, but only one night of cooking!

Food-sharing reduces waste, saves time and money, and makes serving homemade meals easier and more fun. Crowd Kitchen takes the organizational hassles out of traditional food-sharing groups and makes it more flexible and accessible to all. Once users sign up, they can immediately invite their local friends and have a ready-made group to share with from the start.

Visit to sign up or email [email protected] for more information.

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