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Avoiding Holiday Bloat Without Feeling Deprived

Christine Grasso, holistic nutrition coach, knows that the holidays are the most stressful season for women, especially those struggling with weight loss or that uncomfortable bloated feeling.  The experts agree that one of the most important factors in weight loss is stress reduction.

Emotional stress increases the presence of the stress hormone cortisol. Common food allergens, like gluten, dairy, and eggs, can also be a cause of increased cortisol and inflammation in the body.

According to physician and author Dr. Mark Hyman, cortisol “increases insulin which can inhibit weight loss and actually increase belly fat,” and “dampens [the] ability to receive pleasure and satisfaction from food.”

The following are some tips for women to avoid stress and holiday bloat:

1.         Get plenty of rest and relaxation.

2.         Make sure to eat something before a party. 

3.         Add greens like kale, Swiss chard and broccoli to the holiday menu.

4.         Identify foods, such as wheat, dairy, eggs, and soy, which cause problems with bloating.

5.         Enjoy food and eat mindfully.

As Grasso herself shares, “When I identified my hidden food allergens, reduced my stress, and added in healthy foods like greens, I went from a size 12 to a size 2. I also got rid of acid reflux and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).”

Visit Christine Grasso holistic health and nutrition coach and food allergy expert, at Body in Mind, 140 Morris Street, Morristown. Contact her at 201-787-4950, email [email protected] or visit to get her top-ten tips to boost energy and her favorite energy-boosting, waistline-busting recipes.

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