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Living Pawsitively, Pet Store Offering Healthy Alternatives, Opens in Lafayette

Jan Hopper (center) and Lucy Robles (third from right), co-owners, Living Pawsitively, cut the ceremonial ribbon at the store’s grand opening in Lafayette on November 10. Also pictured (l-r): Ken Imperia, employee, Living Pawsitively; Kelly Efchak of Lake Hoptacong with her dog Sonny, Living Pawsitively’s first canine customer; Greg Corcoran, mayor, Lafayette Township; and Sara Masker and Alexander May, employees, Living Pawsitively.

On November 10, Living Pawsitively, a 4,500-square-foot pet retail store providing organic products, celebrated its grand opening. Its new location is 39 Route 15, in Lafayette. Co-owners Jan Hopper and Lucy Roblesoffer pet food made fromall-natural ingredients, providingbetter health benefits for animals than most commercially produced pet food, which is made by large companies who often import these products from other countries that may have lax food safety standards.The store’s “Barkery” offers an assortment of homemade dog biscuits and treats that are also prepared from all-natural ingredientsand unique pet accessories that are made from organic materials. In addition to food, toys and treats, Living Pawsitively provides dog training, pet adoptions and has also partnered with a local veterinarian to offer pets and their owners a holistic approach to veterinary care.

“We are very glad to open Living Pawsitively to serve pet owners in New Jersey,” Ms. Hopper said. “The pet food that we sell and the treats that we offer are all-natural, meaning there is no soy, by-products or fillers. We also work with local animal shelters to help those who are interested in adopting a pet, which is a better alternative to buying one from a pet store.”

For more information, call 973-862-6030, email [email protected] or visit