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If your eyes are the windows of your soul, your face is the reflection of your health

Dec 02, 2012 03:00PM ● By Vickie Eaton

Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .

Take a mirror, tilt your head up, and what do you see? Your face of the past five years.  Then look straight into the mirror: What you see is your face at the present time.  Then look down at the mirror.  What you see now is what your face will probably look like in the next five years.  The older you are, the more shocking that reflection will be.

Rather than getting old gracefully, let us be beautiful gracefully

Skin aging is a change in skin structure. Aged skin cells take longer to mature and shed more quickly than they are replaced; the skin becomes thin and more fragile, easily injured and damaged.  Skin sags, folds and wrinkles because collagen and elastic fibers lose elasticity. Your aging skin is also losing protective water-lipid emulsions, leading to a dry and scaly surface.Muscle weakness, gravity, poor nutrition, hormonal issues, sun damage and stress, as well as allergic conditions all contribute to bad skin and bad physical health overall.

Now, for the good news:  You can do a few simple things to improve the skin on your face —simply by caring for your entire body.

  • Use organic products, since the human body is organic and can only process unprocessed natural products. Products made from artificial ingredients can trigger the body’s defensive system, overloading organs and causing damage. 
  • You can also do face exercises to firm up your skin. These can be done at any point after applying face cream or oil. Face exercises help relieve stress and renew energy, and can be done anywhere, at any time.
    • Create your own exercises and have fun them with them.
    • If skin feels tight, use tapping techniques (similar to massage) and spray water with lavender/peppermint oil to relax the skin and muscles.
    • Stretch all the musclesin your face —forehead, nose, checks, eyes, mouth — and neck, andrelease and stretch again to exercise them.
    • Don’t forget to breathe:  Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth.  Breathe in deeply through the nose, expand your stomach, and hold for five counts.  Breathe out slowly, through the mouth, and let the air vibrate your tongue.

Whatever system you use to heal your body, keep these principles in mind: 1. Smile at your organs daily. 2. Stop the degeneration.  3. Repair the damage. 4. Bring in nutrition and balance the energy. 5. Maintain your system with common sense, simplify things to fit your needs, and always keep smiling!

For more information, visit or call Vickie (Tường Vi) Eaton at 507-BIONIC9 (507-246-6429).