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Healer’s Cooperative Comes to Chester

Dec 27, 2012 08:39AM

The newly formed Healer's Cooperative will make its debut at The Art of the Heart, 15 Perry St, in Chester. The cooperative was formed by The Art of the Heart’s owner, Rev. Sue Freeman, to bring together individuals dedicated to working with integrity from a genuine, loving heart. They bring a wealth of talent, knowledge, ideas and modalities with a focus on building, teaching and reaching out in service to the community. 

The cooperative’s members are Sal Canzonieri, Sue Freeman, Sharon Gabriel, Orielan Harrington,  Barbra Meyers, Lisa Nixon, Susan Novick, Lynn Pridmore,  Karin Powers, Donna Reynolds, and Tracey Revak.  The healing modalities offered include Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Rohun, hypnotherapy, sound and crystal healing, herbalism, and qigong, among others.

The cooperative will also host “"Healer's Days," mini-sessions that provide a sampling of the modalities offered by the cooperative.

For more information, visit or contact Rev. Sue Freeman at 908-879-3937.

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