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Successfully Resolve to Lose Weight This Year

As we prepare to start a new year; to start fresh, we often make resolutions, and a common resolution is to lose weight. Unfortunately, according to studies, the majority of resolutions are given up as early as January 10. The reason? There is no plan for how the change will be made. The key to keeping a New Year’s resolution is developing a plan that includes realistic goals. When resolving to lose weight, it’s important to look at the many factors that may hinder weight loss, such as stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and current medical conditions.

To lose weight and keep it off, create realistic short- and long-term goals. First, ask yourself, what do I want to achieve by next week, next month, next year? Make a list. Your first short-term goal for next week could be something as simple as “I will remove all soda (diet and regular) from my diet.” Once you’ve achieved this goal, move on to the next.

Plan monthly goals, such as “In one month I will exercise for 30 minutes, 3 times daily.” A yearly goal might be “I will lose 30 lbs.” By creating these goals, you have something to work toward — and a plan in place to achieve your ultimate goal of weight loss. Making realistic goals like these is key to success with a weight-loss resolution.

For more information about how you can achieve your personal weight-loss goals, call Denville Medical Sports & Rehabilitation Center today at 973-627-7888 or visit

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