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Christine Grasso Wellness Announces Groundbreaking Food Allergy Support Group

Join Christine Grasso, holistic health and nutrition coach and yoga teacher, for a free workshop on “The 7 Foods That Give You That Just-Walked-Out-of-Yoga-Class Feeling . . . All Day Long” on Wednesday, January 9 from 7:45 to 9:15pm at Ananda Yoga, 22 Speedwell Ave in Morristown. Grasso will share the best foods to increase your energy, stamina, balance, and peace on and off your yoga mat. The class will also offer a preview of Grasso’s upcoming Food Allergy Support Group: Put the Sass Back In Your Step!, which begins on January 16, 7:30pm via phone.  The group will meet on the third Wednesday of each month with additional, optional in-person meetups at local healthy restaurants.

The support group affords an opportunity to build community with like-minded, health- conscious people.  Individuals who need emotional support coping with non-anaphylactic food allergies, want to stop stomach pain and emotional eating, and shed stubborn pounds without feeling deprived are welcome to attend. Grasso, who healed herself of acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) through better eating, yoga, and meditation, teaches her clients how to easily prepare healthy, allergen-free foods that can be integrated into daily life. She also shares why eating too much of some so-called “healthy” foods can be counter-productive to your yoga practice, as well as strategies to upgrade diet and lifestyle in a sustainable way.

As Ananda Yoga studio co-owner Janice Molinari shared, “It is our belief that yoga is most beneficial when it is practiced not only on our mats, but when it is integrated into our everyday lives. We believe that clean eating can help practitioners take their yoga practice to the next level. We are thrilled to offer the community a workshop with Christine on this crucial piece of the holistic health puzzle.”

As there is limited seating for the preview class, RSVP by January 7 to or call 973-590-2525.  Learn more about Grasso’s approach at or contact her at [email protected]

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