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Why Wait Till Spring? Breathing Room Center’s Next Yoga Teacher Training Starts This Fall

Newton’s Breathing Room Center, whose motto is “Inhale Peace, Exhale Tension,” offers a 200-hour in-depth Yoga Study & Yoga-Alliance Registered Teacher Training Course this fall, from October through December. According to Cheryl Paulson, E-RYT, the Breathing Room Center’s founder, the course is designed for all who want to deepen their own personal practice or become inspirational teachers. This comprehensive study of Hatha Yoga will give students a solid foundation of the physical practice of asanas in addition to philosophy and ethics, Sanskrit study, press-point methodology, subtle anatomy, breathing and self-care techniques, meditation, and much more.

Paulson is honored to share the lineage of her own teacher, Paula (Padmasri) Tepedino, director of the Yoga-Alliance Registered Vibhuti Yoga School. Tepedino’s extensive background and years of experience bring an integrated and holistic approach to the training, giving students the space to unfold and grow in their own time, in a safe, supportive environment. You need not even be sure about becoming a yoga teacher to take the course: All you need is a desire to learn and inspire and the intention to invest mind, body and spirit in your own life journey.

The center invites anyone interested in the next training to sit in on one of its current training sessions to:

  • Learn how it feels to be in a training session
  • Meet with currently enrolled students to get their perspectives
  • Ask questions
  • Look over course curriculum materials
  • Take advantage of registering early

Sessions meet one weekend per month. For more detailed information or to sit in on one of the current sessions, email [email protected] or visit

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