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Curb Inflammation by Learning Which Foods to Avoid

On February 20, from 6:30 to 7:30pm, join Christine Grasso, holistic health and nutrition coach, for a free workshop on The Top 7 Foods to Curb Your Inflammation and Joint Pain – Without Feeling Deprived. The workshop will be held at Grassroots Natural Market, 66 Morris Street, Morristown.

In this workshop, Grasso will review the best anti-inflammatory foods to decrease inflammation in the body, whether that inflammation is leading to joint pain, digestive distress, or congestion. She also will share the top five pro-inflammatory foods that could be contributing to chronic pain and offer other natural ways,such as yoga and meditation,to curb inflammation,

As Grassroots manager Leslie Serao shares, “Many of our customers ask us how to reduce inflammation and chronic joint pain. While supplements can be helpful, they may not realize the healing effect that food can have in their bodies.  We asked Christine to lead a class on the best foods to beat inflammation, as well as the top foods that could be causing pain.”

Grasso specializes in supporting women struggling with weight loss to identify their hidden food sensitivities, heal their digestive problems, and lose stubborn pounds. For those with chronic inflammation of any kind, including resistant weight, a hidden food “allergy” or sensitivity might be the culprit. Grasso will also offer a special on her blood testing and elimination dietservices to help individuals determine their food sensitivities.

To register for the class, call Grassroots at 973-290-0050 or drop in the store by 2/17. For more information, visit or email her at [email protected]

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