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Eco-Organic Offers Organic Outdoor Insect Control

Eco-Organic Services LLC of East Hanover is now offering customers an all-natural, organic, environmentally sustainable outdoor insect control for mosquitoes, ticks and other nonbeneficial insects. Unlike traditional pest control companies that spray harmful chemical pesticides, Eco-Organic uses products sourced from plant extracts and natural oils, safe for the environment, children, and pets. 

On arrival to a property, Eco-Organic prepares a check list of potential harborage sites and removes any standing water from pots, birdbaths, etc.  The service provides routine interval spraying of national organics program-compliant products throughout the season to control unwanted insects. Programs and products are tailored to suit the customer and property needs. For best results, interval treatments of organic sprays should begin in early spring (mosquitoes become active at 50 degrees) and continue through the fall, allowing for the products’ residual effects to protect properties throughout the season.  Special event protection is available, which includes two applications prior to an outdoor event to create a barrier to control unwanted pests.

For more information, visit or call 973-809-1180.

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