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April 2014

The winter has been so long and so severe that I am more eager than usual to start spring cleaning and clearing clutter.  It’s not a task I usually look forward to, but 2014 promises to be a year where I’ll be making a fresh start on a number of fronts.

Although the weather is still chilly, I’m looking forward to opening the windows and letting fresh air into my office. I don’t especially look forward to cleaning those windows, but know the results will be worth the effort if I do. I’ll be referring to our article “Home-Made Eco-Cleaners” on page 33 for helpful recipes to make safe, inexpensive cleansers and detergents.

I’ve been able to shed a few pounds over the winter, so one of my first tasks will be going through spring and summer clothing to weed out and donate anything that doesn’t fit (fun) and then filling in with a shopping trip or two (even more fun!).  Old files, paperback books and year-old magazines will be next to go; I’ve promised not to replace them.

Sherry Onweller, a local professional organizer, claims that an organized home brings happiness and health. I agree. “Clutter can cause people to feel stressed,as if they are in a fog, anxious, antsy and even feel the need to just get away.Conversely, the feelings they have when they are in a controlled, tidy, declutteredenvironment are those of happiness, calm, balance and peace,” says Sherry. Read more in the Health Brief she contributed on page 15.

Other ways to make a fresh start this spring are detoxing and destressing. Dr. Lisa Lewis, a Montclair-based naturopath and acupuncturist, provides an explanation of adrenal fatigue brought on by winter stress, and tips for treating it (page 17.)

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we’ve also packed this green issue with ways to improve the quality of our lives by greening our daily lifestyles.  “Live Green, Save Big” on page 27 explains the impact our major purchasing decisions can make. “Backyard Birds and Butterflies” on page 31 reminds us to get outside with our kids and enjoy the earth we’re trying to save.

Happy April,


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