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Morris Urology Institutes New Wellness Program

The vision of two Denville urologists to improve the overall health of their patients prompted them to institute a new wellness program in their practice at 16 Pocono Road, Suite 205. At Morris Urology, part of Garden State Urology, Drs. Colton and Zimmerman developed Wellness for Life to combat the poor eating habits of overweight, stressed patients—habits that exacerbated already existing medical conditions. Their wellness and anti-aging program is targeted at patientswith low testosterone,erectile dysfunction, and other significant health issues by doing more than prescribing medications that serve only as “Band-Aids”; they knew that for their patients to reach optimal health, they needed to get to the root of their problems. Their first step was to hire Kelly Walsh, a nutritionist and grad student at the College of St. Elizabeth, as their Wellness for Life clinical coordinator.  The program aims to enhance patients’ quality of life by improving eating habits, energy levels, body composition, sexual vitality and stress levels. 

The Wellness for Life program develops a personalized diet plan based one ach patient’s individual needs. A biophotonic scanner is used to identify a patient’s antioxidants levels and along with data based on one’s personal diet, the physicians can recommend a full line of nutritional supplements to address each patient’s needs, aimed at restoring balance and hormone optimization and improving mood and libido.They also regularly monitor blood hormone levels and may order other laboratory tests to ensure proper levels are achieved.

Understanding that healthful food is only one part of the wellness equation, Drs. Colton and Zimmerman also focus on exercise and stress management. They encourage patients to use the Fitbit pedometer to monitor their weight by tracking caloric intake as well as calories burned. This has been shown to help them reach their personal goals. The device can also be used to monitor sleep habits, an important consideration in the quest for health and wellness.

Other ways in which they help patients achieve wellness include natural stress-reduction tools. Dr. Colton, a martial arts practitioner with a special interest in tai chi and qigong, helps patients manage stress by incorporating these traditional Chinese exercises into their daily lives. Dr Zimmerman, a former collegiate athlete continues to compete in 3 on 3 basketball tournaments across the country and has valuable experience working as a personal trainer. Above all, Drs. Colton and Zimmerman and their team of wellness professionals are happy to answer questions and develop individualized plans to help each person realize his or her personal wellness goal.

For more information, call Tracie Van Hook, CPC, Practice Manager, at 973-627-0060 ext. 707,  or visit

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