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Grassroots Offers Produce and Products for Your Spring Detox

Pollutants in the environment can accumulate in the body and lead to congestion.  Detoxifying is one way to maintain your well-being and immune function. Some symptoms that can signal an imbalance include feeling heavy and lethargic, skin breakouts, excess weight, constipation, and a pattern of overindulging and decreased immunity. 

Colon cleansing is one way of detoxifying our bodies. It enhances the body's natural ability to absorb the nutrients needed for health and longevity while eliminating those that are harmful.  No matter how clean your lifestyle is, our bodies trap pollutants like a filter. Benefits that can be expected from cleansing include increased energy and endurance, a feeling of lightness, a positive attitude, weight loss and increased immune function.  So as winter comes to an end, spring is the perfect time for cleansing and detoxing your body from the harsh winter months. 

At Grassroots Natural Market, 66 Morris Street, in the old location of the Health Shoppe, next to Burger King, in Morristown, there are a number of items available that aid in detox: fresh organic juices, high-quality cleansing supplements, and bath and body detox products. And since drinking plenty of water is important to flushing out your body and staying hydrated, a Premium 10 Stage Water Filter that attaches directly to your kitchen faucet, which means less plastic for the environment, may be just the ticket.

For more information, call Grassroots Natural Market at 973-290-0050 or drop by the store during business hours.

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