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Bug Safaris, Pollinator Parades, and More at Butterfly Bonanza

Butterflies, with their delicate, colorfuland intricately patterned wings, are celebrated as true works of art in nature. Their value as pollinators, however, is often overlooked. Celebrate both the beauty and importance of New Jersey’s butterflies at the Butterfly Bonanza on Saturday, June 14, from noon to 4pm, at Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area in Montville Township, sponsored by the Morris County Park Commission.

This event is designed to entertain and educate people of all ages. Enjoy a guided Bug Safari, a tour of the butterfly garden with a naturalist who shares stories on the amazing adaptations of the many critters who call it home. Discover how to attract butterflies to your own yard with native plants and seeds. Travel through life-cycle stations to experience metamorphosis firsthand, and walk through the Hall of Arthropods to meet unusual live insects and other invertebrates. Create butterfly origami and listen to live music and stories as you celebrate the life and legacy of these beautiful and diverse creatures.

The event will culminate at 2pm with the Pollinator Parade, a processionof costumed naturalists dressed as hummingbirds, moths, bats, bees, and, of course, butterflies, all essential to plant pollination.  Bring your own costume and receive native plant seeds to take home. You can even create a costume at the Pollinator Parade Craft Station or join in the parade by waving scarves and streamers! An event for the entire family, the entrance fee is $4 per adult and $3 per child ages 2 through 10.

For more information, please call 973-334-3130 or visit

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