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The Importance of Decluttering: Enabling an Inspired Life

Jun 01, 2014 01:05PM ● By Sherry Onweller

Inspired living is about being present and in the moment.  This is hard to do if you are burdenedby physical and mental clutter surrounding you.  Whether the clutter is in your home,in your car, in your office or in your brain, clutter can drain you of the vital energy needed to live an inspired life.

Choosing not to be overwhelmed by clutter lets you be present and in the moment. Don’t let clutter prevent you from achieving your dreams. As a professional organizer working with many types of clients, I’ve found that the key to becoming organized is to do a little at a time while continuing to work toward a larger goal. Getting rid of physical and mental clutter frees you and makes you open to having a living space you love and feel inspired in. Clear out what’s around you that may be holding you back. This process will help you to get unstuck.

A wonderful strategy is to look online or in magazines for pictures of spaces that make you feel inspired, excited, free, lighthearted, delighted and energized and then start to make your space emulate what you have seen.  Leave past failures in the past, except maybe to learn a bit from them. Create a space that you truly love.

Make a conscious choice not to be surrounded by clutter. This will free you up to find inspiration in ordinary things. Harmony is about being engaged and in the moment.  Stop to appreciate what you have and what is around you, especially the little things.  One of my clients, a busy executive, has two adorable kittens, and as we are working together on our organizing projects, she takes the time to delight in the simple joy of watching her kittens play and always makes time to play with them.  These moments of sheer joy are so refreshing to watch!

Imagine yourself in a cluttered space and think about how hard it is to function at your best when you are distracted by all of the stuff around you.  Then, think how about how inspiring it is to be in a space where there is a place for everything and one that is easy to maintain. If you attack the clutter in your life in achievable bite-size pieces, you can move toward the inspiration you seek in life. And if you find the decluttering process too difficult or stressful, a professional organizer can help you pare things down and set up your space in a way that allows you to celebrate what you keep while creating a happier and healthier home for you and your family.

Sherry Onweller, professional organizer, is the owner of Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry.She offers customized organizing solutions to residential and business clients. To learn more, visit or callher at 908-619-4561.

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