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Healthy Choice Organic Mattress Opens in Summit

Healthy Choice Organic Mattress, a leader in mattresses made from natural materials, has recently opened its newest store, in Summit, conveniently located at 361 Springfield Avenue.  The store will have all of its models on display as well as its Adjustable Sleep System option.

The goal of Healthy Choice Organic Mattress is to provide a truly healthy source for mattress buyers.  While today’s marketplace offers a range of alternatives, they are almost all made with some chemical stew of petroleum-based products, including polyurethane foam and polyester fibers. Many of these mattresses seem to work well even as they outgas toxic chemicals into your body as you sleep. They eventually break down in a few years and are then thrown into a landfill, where they take a thousand years to degrade.

Some mattress companies claim to sell “green” or “natural” products as they substitute a tiny percentage of their ingredients with more natural alternatives.  Healthy Choice’s mattresses are different: They are made from the best all-natural ingredients, such as certified organic wool, certified organic cotton and all-natural latex, resulting in an extremely comfortable, supportive and long-lasting mattress.  Healthy Choice Organic Mattress uses no imported products, and its mattresses are made locally in Bethany, Connecticut.

For more information, visit or call 908-263-7400.

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