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Discover the Ancient Mystery of Taoism

Wu Cheng Zhen, a 24th-generation Taoist master and the abbot of Changchun Taoist Temple in China, travels with her disciples to New Jersey this month to present an unprecedented Taoist offering,The Living Tao, at three venues: East Hanover, Morris Plains, and Morristown. The delegation will demonstrate and teach the Ancient Healing principles of Taoism through sacred ceremony and mystic energy work, meditation, QiGong, Feng Shui, Ba Gua, and more.Wu is the first female abbot in the long history of Chinese Taoists, and while continuing to follow a simple lifestyle, she has garnered adherents worldwide.This visit marks Wu’s first trip to America.

On Saturday, November 15, at the Ramada Conference Center,130 Route 10 West, East Hanover, Wu Cheng Zhen will conduct a sacred release ceremony in the morning. The ceremonial energy work will unveil the mystery of Taoist secrets for wellness and healing to help participants relinquish burdens, release stress, and expel unhealthy thought forms and negative energies. The release ceremony is followed by Taoist meditation to further purify the mind and body, so participants can move forward with freedom and clarity.

In the afternoon, at the same location, Wu’s disciple Chi Wei, a 25th-generation Taoist master, will conduct a workshop on Feng Shui and Ba Gua. Master Chi Wei is a world-renowned scholar of the I-Ching, and his work on Feng Shui and interpretation of Ba Gua has helped thousands around the world to achieve fulfillment.

On Sunday November 16, Master Chi Wei will lead an intensive workshop at the Mt. Tabor Healing Center, 999 Tabor Road, in Morris Plains.

And on Tuesday, November 18at 7pm, Wu will speak on“The Living Tao: Discovering the Ancient Healing Principles of Taoism,” at the monthly meeting of the Integrative Wellness Network (IWN), which meets at the  Presbyterian Church in Morristown, 65 South Street.There is a $7 contribution, and the meeting is open to the public.

To learn more about Wu Cheng Zhen, visit For more information about the IWN, call Renee Dorn at 551-574-9500 or Cesar Godoy at 973-216-4070.

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