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#RUlistening? Connect With Your Inner Wisdom - Free Event

Join Hilary Bilkis, owner of Awakening Wellness in Morristown, on Wednesday March 25 from 6:30 pm–8:00 pm, to celebrate the grand opening of her new office located at 14 Pine Street, Suite 8.

Some people call it “gut instinct.” Others call it “knowing.” We hold immense amounts of wisdom within ourselves. Sometimes we listen, but very often, we ignore these gut feelings. How do we know when to trust what we feel? What happens when we ignore these feelings and the emotions associated with them?

Come and learn how light touch therapies can help you reconnect to your inner wisdom and to your emotional body,
the place where you tend to hold your stress, buried emotions and life tensions.

Light touch therapy enables you to peel away layers within your emotional, physical and energetic body that are blocking you from being fully present and available to your inner wisdom. How do these barriers develop? When the
emotions are positive, the energy moves freely through and around our bodies. Negative emotions, as a result of guilt, grief, fear, pain, shame, injury or trauma, do not move freely and get stuck. These “stuck places” can manifest as physical or emotional pain, chronic health issues, even relationship or job issues. By bringing awareness to these areas of the body and really listening to the pain that may be trapped within, the layers safely melt away, releasing themselves from your body and free you to move through your world with greater ease, physically, spiritually, energetically and emotionally.

Join me and discover how tuning into your emotional body can help you pay attention to and trust your inner wisdom,
allowing you to experience more peace, calm, and confidence in your life and your body.

Meet other like-minded, holistically oriented women, discover new resources, and enjoy a light healthy snack. Bring a friend. The #RUlistening? series will continue once a month, on the last Wednesday of each month, through June. Other guest speakers will be invited to share their wisdom and teach you new ways to listen and connect with your inner wisdom.

Please register by emailing [email protected]

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