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Yoga for Reducing Stress and Increasing Energy

Each of us is unique, but for many of us, our health, our families, our finances, our relationships, and our work environment affect how we feel on a day-to-day basis.  Being positive and proactive has a tremendous effect on our energy level.  There are many ways to combat the fatigue, anxiety, and lethargy that sap our vitality for life, but yoga is one of the best ways to reduce stress and revitalize both body and spirit.

Yoga helps us to take care of our physical body through:

•           Breathing

The breath brings pure life into every cell of your body, renewing and revitalizing your cells, removing waste and toxins, cleansing the organs and tissues of the body. Yoga teaches us how to breathe correctly, so that we receive the full benefit from our breath, including the calming effect. 

•           Stretching and Strengthening

Yoga is an effective form of physical activity because it is well suited for everyone. It stretches the body in a balanced, complete way and strengthens gently and safely.  In the process of stretching and strengthening, we release tension from the muscles and we massage the nervous system.  This gives the body the opportunity to experience a consistent, natural energy level rather than the superficial energy created by adrenalin that is often followed by a feeling of exhaustion.

•           Relaxing

Relaxation is essential for everyone. Through yoga, we become more aware of how we feel.  Throughout the day if we feel tense or anxious, we can focus within, breathe, and stretch and relax our muscles.

Yoga also benefits the mind by clearing away thoughts that are a source of fatigue and lethargy. We can use yoga to:

•           Focus on uplifting thoughts

We have a choice how we think and respond to the events in our life.  Positive thoughts help us to have a happier outlook, give us courage, and strengthen our faith.  It has also been scientifically proven that optimists have much stronger immune systems and, therefore, enjoy better health and longer lives.

•           Live in gratitude

Focusing on what we have rather than what we lack is essential for energy, vitality and happiness.  This focus acknowledges the gift of our lives and all we have been given.  It opens our eyes and our hearts to the abundance we have and reminds us of the preciousness of every moment.

•           Embrace new experiences

New experiences may bring anxiety at first, yet when we move forward and participate, we feel so happy we did it!  So step forward and accept new opportunities and feel alive, stimulated and renewed.     

•           Have faith

Connect with your spiritual practice and find a way to enrich your spiritual life on a daily basis.  This may be through enjoying nature, reading, writing, praying or meditation.  Yoga strengthens our inner connection and teaches us how to quickly and easily go within.

The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Suite 7, in Chester offers both yoga classes for everyone, regardless of age or experience, and yoga instructor certification courses. For more information, call 908-879-9648 or visit

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