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IWN Meeting

What does it take to age gracefully?  Are aches and pains a normal part of aging?  Is it normal to be stiff in the morning? On Tuesday, April 21, at 7pm, Renee Dorn of the Integrative Wellness Network will facilitate an interactive discussion on personalized fitness at the group’s monthly meeting, held at the Presbyterian Church, 65 South Street, in Morristown. The meeting fee is $7.

Beginning with a foundation of self-awareness, we can exercise our body and sharpen our mind in an effort to cultivate a happy and whole existence, even as we age. There are plenty of activities in addition to eating right and getting exercise that support an active lifestyle in the aging adult. But how do we develop a routine that takes into consideration our individuality? Dorn, a life coach, group fitness instructor, Qigong practice leader and the founder of Songrm, a service organization that provides tools to help people take holistic control of their body, mind and spirit, will answer that question. 

IWN meetings, open to the public, are held in the church parlor, the first room on the left upon entering the building. Nearby parking is available. For more information, contact Renee Dorn at 551-574-9500 or Cesar Godoy at 973-216-4070.

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